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9 Tested weight loss tips without dieting

Many people do not want to follow a diet due to various reasons, such as a lot of daily activity, not being able to bear hunger, special diseases such as stomachache, etc. These people are looking for ways to lose weight without dieting. In this article, we are going to discuss it. Of course, these methods are tested and you can safely follow them.

The first step of losing weight without dieting: not paying attention to ineffective methods!

Everyone wants to lose weight effortlessly, but is there any way to lose weight effortlessly? No in 90% of the time!

Unfortunately, on various sites, methods such as chewing gum are suggested to lose weight. The truth is that these methods will not have any significant positive effect on your weight. You should always look for scientific and experimental methods.

Some other people turn to fat burners or teas to lose weight without dieting. In our experience, 99% of them face failure. Sometimes these methods not only do not reduce your weight but also lead to side effects. We have seen many people who suffered from liver, digestive or kidney problems by consuming fat burners.

Our goal in this article is to review completely safe and effective methods. It is better to repeat again that the tips presented in this article have been tested and can definitely help you.

Train with high intensity

Do you want to lose weight without dieting? So train with high intensity. High intensity training means being able to train to failure within the duration of a training session. So that at the end of the training, there is little energy and strength left! Believe me, in this situation, you can get the best result in losing weight.

You can choose any sport you like. All exercise, even running, can be effective if done to failure. Resistance training, football, aerobics, intense dances, swimming, etc. are among the sports that will work for you.

Build muscle

As we said in the article “weight loss for extreme obesity“, metabolism is one of the most important factors in fat loss. If you can increase your metabolism or prevent it from slowing down, you’ve taken an important step toward weight loss without dieting.

There are many ways to increase metabolism in diet and exercise, but the most important is to build muscle! The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to build muscle like professional bodybuilders! Even if you build some muscle, your metabolism will increase.

To build muscles, you must follow some tips in diet and exercise. First of all, you should do resistance training. Weight training, body weight training, training with resistance bands, etc. are among the resistance exercises suitable for building muscles. You must get enough protein in your diet, which we will talk more about in the future.

Do not overeat

If you overeat, you will never lose weight! It is a fact that calorie intake through food is very important for losing or gaining weight. So even if you don’t want to follow a diet, you should be careful about the calories you get into your body.

In many cases, we have seen that people expect to lose weight through intense exercise alone. The problem with these people is that they overeat while exercising to failure. So if you want to lose weight without dieting, you should at least avoid overeating.

Do not eat sweets

When we say weight loss without dieting, we don’t mean that you don’t need to pay any attention to the foods you eat. It means that you don’t have a calorie deficit diet, but you can still lose some weight. As we said in the previous section, calorie intake through food is very important. Sweets are high in calories and small in volume, which leads to early hunger.

If you want to lose weight, you need to reduce the amount of sweets. On the other hand, you should try to use more complete carbohydrates such as whole grain breads, beans and fruits.

Do not use edible oil for food

According to the point we said earlier, you should reduce high-calorie foods. Edible oils, like sweets, have high calories and small volume. Therefore, it is better to eat your food boiled or grilled and avoid using edible oils, even olive oil.

By doing this, you will reduce the calorie intake from your diet to a significant amount, and this will greatly help you lose weight.

Eat low calorie foods

Low-calorie foods, in addition to reducing calorie intake, increase the feeling of satiety. Because they occupy a larger volume of your stomach, for example, vegetables have very few calories, and on the other hand, they can greatly reduce the feeling of hunger. Soup, various vegetables, low-fat dairy products, chicken breast, egg white, etc. are among the low-calorie foods suitable for you.

Increase the amount of protein intake

Protein can help you lose weight! According to studies, protein-rich foods help in weight loss in several ways:

  • Proteins help build muscles.
  • Proteins increase metabolism.
  • Protein-rich foods significantly increase the feeling of satiety.
  • Those who received more protein in a day experienced more weight loss.

For these reasons, you should increase the amount of protein intake. You can read the article “the best high-protein foods” and learn about these foods.

Drink 2 glasses of water 30 minutes before each meal

Drinking water throughout the day can help reduce appetite and lose weight. But drinking water 30 minutes before each meal can prevent you from getting too many calories in that meal. This can increase your body’s metabolism and significantly increase your calorie intake in a day. Drinking water before each meal is an important tip for weight loss without dieting.




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