weight loss for women: complete guide

Weight loss for women: complete guide

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, You can easily lose weight. You just have to proceed according to scientific and experimental principles to get the best results. In this article, we want to talk about the principles of weight loss for women.

Weight loss for women

There are different ways to lose weight. Choosing the best method depends on your life conditions and mood. Some women do not want to exercise. These women should be satisfied only with diet to reduce fat.

But some women may not have a problem with exercising. They should also have a diet, but exercising will bring many benefits:

  • Those who exercise and follow a diet may lose more fat.
  • Exercise can boost your mood, concentration and alertness
  • It increases metabolism and muscle building, which leads to improved body shape.

In this article, we are going to talk about the important rules of weight loss for women. In the following, we will provide more details of each.

Go on a diet

The most important rule for losing weight is diet! You need to restrict the calories you eat through your diet. As we said in the article “How To Lose Weight fast“, calorie restriction is the only way to lose fat.
Other solutions like drinking water, getting enough sleep, exercising, etc. are useful, but they are not enough! Researchers have confirmed that calorie deficit is necessary to lose weight.

Everyone needs different amount of calories depends on weight, height, age, number of training sessions, etc. You can calculate these calories for yourself using our calorie calculator.
Once you calculate your calorie intake, you need to look at other details of the weight loss diet for women. A series of details can increase your fat burning and lead to a feeling of satiety:

  • More protein
  • More fiber
  • Have a cheat meal

Eat a lot of protein

Researchers have confirmed that high-protein diets are very effective for weight loss. In addition to losing weight faster, they can make you feel full longer. Since dieting can slow down your metabolism, eating more protein can improve that.

As we said in the article “the best high-protein foods for weight loss“, you should choose protein sources with less fat and calories. Here are some of the best options:

  • Chicken breast
  • Low fat cheese
  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Beans
  • Oats
  • Turkey
  • Nuts and Nuts butter

Eat a lot of fiber

Sources rich in fiber such as vegetables, fruits, beans, etc. can also maintain the feeling of satiety for a longer period of time. These foods contain adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for women to lose weight.

women are usually exposed to vitamin and mineral deficiency due to their inherent characteristics and this leads to weight loss plateau or various diseases. You can avoid these problems by eating more foods rich in fiber and vitamins.

Have a cheat meal

Some women think that cheat meals make them fat. This belief is wrong. Cheat meal can be beneficial for those following a low-calorie diet. Researchers have repeatedly proven that calorie deficit leads to a decrease in metabolism.

One of the solutions to prevent the reduction of metabolism is Cheat meal. When you cheat, your calorie intake increases and this helps to boost your metabolism.
Of course, it is necessary to observe a few points about that. For example, you are not allowed to take too many calories in this meal. Usually, you can eat between 300 and 600 calories in this meal, depending on your diet. Also, you shouldn’t have more than one cheat meal per week.

Important tip:

Keep in mind that eating cheat meals alone cannot keep your metabolism high. You should get enough calories from your diet. Excessively restricting calorie intake is one of the most important reasons for metabolism reduction.

Cut down on refined carbs

Refined carbs undergo extensive processing, reducing the amount of fiber and micronutrients in the final product. Refined carbohydrates may inhibit fat burning. This group of carbohydrates makes you feel hungry and leads to more calorie intake in a day. For this reason, try to use more whole grain products like oats, brown rice and quinoa.

Do resistance training

Resistance training is beneficial for weight loss for women. We must say that these exercises are necessary for you. Usually, women experience severe muscle loss in old ages, and this makes their bodies weak. It also leads to various problems such as back pain and knee pain.

Resistance training strengthen your muscles well. By using this type of exercises, you can increase your fat burning and prevent knee pain and back pain. Resistance training can get you in better shape.

Bodyweight training, resistance band exercise, weight training, etc. are examples of resistance training. These exercises can be performed in groups and individually, so you can choose the best type for yourself according to your mood.

Do cardio

Another type of exercise suitable for weight loss for women is cardio. These exercises have many benefits. Aerobic exercises burn a lot of calories and increase blood circulation.

Calorie deficit means that you should eat less and move more. One of the solutions is to increase the calories consumed during the day, which is easily possible with cardio exercises.

Among cardio, we can mention running, jumping rope, swimming, cycling, etc. The best solution for weight loss for women is to use resistance training and cardio in the same period. In this condition, fat burning become maximized and muscle loss become minimized.

drink water before meals

Drinking water 30 minutes before each meal can reduce the calorie intake in that meal. In addition, drinking a lot of water in a day leads to more weight loss for women.

Final tips

As we said, the most important rule of weight loss for women is to have a good diet. Paying attention to diet details such as more protein and fiber in meals can make your weight loss easier and faster. Doing resistance training and cardio also help healthy life and fast fat burning.
Also, enough sleep and low stress help to lose weight. Many women try hard but do not experience significant weight loss due to high level of stress and lack of sleep.






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