How to lose weight fast? Evidence-based tips

If you are tired of obesity and want to get rid of that, this article is for you. In this article, we want to answer the question “how to lose weight fast“. In fact, we want to discuss about the fastest fat burning methods. Some tips can make you lose weight faster than usual.

How to lose weight fast?

Before starting the main topics, you must know some important tips:

  • You must follow evidenced-based tips. Most of the internet content is not based on scientific studies and may not help you to lose fat fast.
  • You should be consistent. The reality is that you have to try more than before.
  • The third important point is to avoid Extreme weight loss! Extreme weight loss in a short period of time can cause side effects. Your skin and muscles may become loose. You may suffer from Malnutrition and your immune system may even be weakened. So it is better to change the title of this article to “How to lose weight fast but safely“.

How to lose weight fast but safely

As we said you should follow tips to lose fat fast but safely! In this article we want to talk about them:

Restrict calorie intake

The most important rule for weight loss is to restrict calorie intake. As researchers have confirmed this fact, there is no other way to lose weight. If you want your body to use the stored fats for energy production, you must consume fewer calories than you need.
Your calorie intake should be suitable for your body. Conditions such as weight, height, age, number of training sessions, etc. can affect the calorie intake required for quick fat loss. You can use our calorie calculator to estimate calories needed to lose weight fast.
Be careful that consuming too few calories can have a negative effect on fat burning. According to studies, low calorie intake leads to a reduction in energy expenditure. So, in order to lose weight fast and safely, you need to get the right amount of calories.

Train hard to lose weight fast

One of the most important tips for rapid fat loss is high-intensity exercise. When you train with high intensity, you can change your body composition faster. Depending on the type of exercise you do, your body fat will decrease and your muscle size will increase. Of course, make sure that intense training is accordance with your physical fitness. Training at an intensity higher than your capacity can lead to overtraining or injury.

lift weight to lose weight fast

One of the best exercises to increase the speed of fat burning is resistance training. Resistance training lead to muscle building or protection. According to researchers, weight training can boost your metabolism even after workout session (it is called after burn effect). After burn effect can increase the rate of fat burning.

Weight training, bodyweight training, TRX, etc. are examples of resistance training. All of these exercises are effective in burning fat and building muscle, but if you want to build more muscle, it is more effective to choose weight training. you can use heavy weights to make more muscle.

Is it better to train with heavy or light weights to lose weight fast?

Most trainers and athletes assume that light weight training leads to more fat burning. But in fact, they do not differ much. It seems that training to failure is a more important factor. So as long as you train to failure, light or heavy weights are both effective.
Empirically, lifting heavy weights can boost metabolism and muscle growth more than light weights.

Do some cardio exercise

Aerobic exercises help you burn more calories. As we said in the first part, to burn more fat, you need to burn more calories. We can mention running, brisk walking, swimming, jumping jacks, jumping rope, etc. as the best cardio exercises. Cardio exercises also improve the cardiovascular health, mood and increase endurance.

which one is better? Weight training or aerobics?

Both are effective for fat burning, but according to a research, it is better to use combination exercise training. In this 12-week study, volunteers were analyzed in 4 different groups:

  • The first group was the control group.
  • The second group did only aerobic exercises.
  • The third group did only resistance training.
  • The fourth group used combined exercises training(resistance training + aerobic exercises).

In this study, the volunteers in the fourth group experienced more fat burning than the other groups. So, if you want to lose weight fast, the best solution is to combine weight training and aerobics.

Eat more protein

High protein diet can help you lose more fat! According to one study, many clinical trials have shown that consuming more protein induces more weight loss. Also, getting more protein can increase satiety.

it is better to consider the amount of protein intake between 1.6 and 2.2 grams per kilogram of body weight for Those who do resistance training, . But for those who do not do resistance training, it is better to consider the amount of protein intake less than 1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight.

Cut down carbs

This does not mean that carbohydrates prevent fat burning! This means that it is better to cut down the amount of carbohydrates to lose weight fast.
Researchers believe that low and moderate carb diets work best for weight loss.
There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to low carbohydrate diets:

  • Never keep the amount of carbohydrates below 100 grams per day for a long time. Following low carb diet for a long time leads to a weight loss plateau. On the other hand, it may greatly reduce your energy during the day.
  • If you exercise, do not reduce your carbohydrate intake to less than 100 grams. Athletes need carbohydrates for recovery, muscle maintenance and energy during training.
  • Provide the carbohydrates you receive with wholegrain carbohydrate sources such as oats, wholegrain breads and etc. This type of carbohydrate keeps you feeling full for a longer time.
  • Eliminate sweets and simple carbohydrates.

Sleep 7 to 9 hours

Some people who follow a good diet and workout routine still do not experience significant fat burning. One of the most important tips to lose weight fast is to have enough sleep. Good sleep leads to better effect of hormones on weight loss.
Hormones such as insulin, growth hormone, leptin and ghrelin directly affect metabolism and fat burning.

Those who have insufficient sleep will not experience rapid weight loss. The researchers concluded that sleeping on time and enough has a significant effect on fat reduction.

Eat more fiber to lose weight fast

Foods that are rich in fiber are very useful for weight loss. These foods keep you feeling full for longer, which indirectly makes it easier for you to eat fewer calories. As we said, the only way to lose weight is calorie deficit. That means you should eat less and exercise more.
Foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, wholegrain breads, etc. are the best high fiber foods.

Cheat meal

Cheat meal is a free meal where you can eat your favorite foods with certain calories. The philosophy of the cheat meal is to increase the calorie intake to prevent a decrease in metabolism. Calorie deficit is one of the main reasons for metabolism.
However, you should pay attention to some important points regarding Cheat Meal:

  • You should not cheat more than once a week. Cheating too much will stop fat burning.
  • You should not eat too many calories in one cheat meal.
  • It is not necessary to use fast food in this meal. You can also eat ice cream, sweets or cake as a cheat.

Another way to prevent a decrease in metabolism is calorie cycling. In this nutritional method, the calorie intake is different on different days. For example, some days of the week you eat 1000 calories and some days 1500 calories. This method is one of the best ways to lose weight fast.






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