Foods to avoid during weight loss

Foods to avoid during weight loss

As we said in previous articles, the most important rule for losing weight is to get the right amount of calories from your diet. After implementing this rule, you should eliminate foods that are not suitable for fat reduction. In this article, we are going to mention the food that you should avoid during weight loss.

Ice cream

The first food to avoid is ice cream. Ice cream contains high sugar and calories. This can easily increase your calorie intake. On the other hand, eating ice cream leads to a sudden increase in blood sugar. This can cause insulin levels to suddenly rise, which both leads to hunger and may stop your fat burning.

Soda drinks

Soda is one of the drinks that should definitely remove from your weight loss diet. This drink is high in calories and sugar. In addition, soda has no nutrients. As we said, in order to lose weight, you need to limit your calorie intake, and it is better to get these calories from foods with high nutrients. So it is better to remove soft drinks from your weight loss diet.

Candy and Chocolate

Chocolate and candy have many fans, but they are one of the biggest obstacles to losing weight. In addition to having a lot of calories, they make you feel hungry immediately after eating.


There are differences of opinion regarding alcoholic beverages. Some studies have acknowledged that low alcohol consumption does not have a negative effect on the weight loss process. But what seems certain is that too much alcohol can have a negative effect. In a study, it was shown that heavy alcohol drinkers are at risk for obesity and diabetes.

Sweetened coffee

You have probably heard many times that coffee can help burn fat and increase metabolism. This issue has been confirmed by some studies, but you should pay attention to one basic point when using it. Drinking coffee with sugar and other sweeteners can add a lot of calories to your diet. This may prevent fat burning.

Pizza cheese

During weight loss, you should avoid foods made with pizza cheese. Pizza cheese makes food delicious, but it gives a false sense of satiety and also adds a lot of calories to your body. Avoid eating hot dogs, pizza and other similar foods during weight loss.


Chips is another food you should avoid during weight loss. Pay attention, the problem is not potatoes! The problem is the way of cooking chips. Chips are made with a lot of oil and during frying many of its nutrients are lost. You can eat potatoes boiled or grilled, but you should avoid eating chips.

Cookies, biscuits and cakes

Some people eat cakes, cookies and biscuits instead of high quality food to satisfy their hunger. These foods are high in calories and sugar, which can be the biggest obstacle to weight loss.


Each tablespoon of cream has 45 calories, which is a significant amount. It is better to use low-fat and low-calorie dairy products such as milk and yogurt instead of cream.

Mayonnaise sauce

Like cream, mayonnaise is high in calories. Many people use mayonnaise to flavor a low-calorie salad, but by doing so, they increase the calorie intake a lot. It is better to use lemon juice or vinegar to flavor the salad.

You can eat “Foods to avoid during weight loss” in Cheat meal

As we said in the article “weight loss for women“, one of the ways to avoid a weight loss plateau is to eat a cheat meal. The basic philosophy of the cheat meal is to increase the calorie intake in one meal to prevent a decrease in metabolism.

So all those who follow a diet can eat a cheat meal from their favorite foods. You can eat sweets, pizza, hot dogs, soft drinks, etc. in this meal. You should pay attention to your calorie intake in this meal.

What should we eat during weight loss?

As we said in the article “best foods for weight loss“, eating low-calorie foods rich in fiber and protein are the best options. The fiber in these foods can increase the feeling of satiety and on the other hand make digestion of food easier.

Foods rich in protein can also increase the feeling of satiety and metabolism. In addition, getting enough protein leads to a protect more muscle and, as a result, an increase in the rate of fat burning. The best foods for weight loss are:
Eggs, chicken breast, salmon, oatmeal, chia seeds, spinach, Greek yogurt, tuna etc.







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