weight loss for morbid obesity

Weight loss tips for extreme obesity(or morbid obesity)

Some people are now overweight and suffering from obesity due to wrong lifestyle or genetic problems. If you are part of this group and now for any reason you have decided to remove this excess fat, read this article to the end.

Why should you lose weight?

In addition to better appearance, obesity causes many problems. According to studies, obesity even increases the risk of cancer. Excessive obesity leads to diabetes, blood pressure and various diseases. After all, other problems such as back pain and knee pain are lurking in those who are overweight. Now you can lose this excess fat with a little basic effort. Don’t worry, this article tells you everything you need to lose a lot of weight.

Why should those who are overweight be more careful than others?

For several reasons, weight loss is very sensitive for extreme obesity. The first reason is related to the skin. Usually, those who are overweight have more sensitive skin, and if they do not take the necessary care during weight loss, their skin will become loose. The second reason is motivation. These people probably have a lot of cravings for food. If they follow hard and exhausting diets, they will soon lose their motivation and fail.

On the other hand, they should not do any sports due to their high weight. Some sports put a lot of pressure on the joints. For this reason, those who have a lot of weight and weak muscles should not use these sports. In the following, we will provide more details about the diet and proper exercises for weight loss for obesity.

Lose weight slowly

This is the most important thing about losing weight for extreme obesity. You should lose weight slowly. Fast weight loss is not good for anyone, but it is more risky for you. Your skin is very sensitive now and if you want to lose weight fast, it will look bad.

After all, feeling very hungry as a result of low-calorie diets can severely reduce your body’s metabolism and quickly lead you to the weight loss plateau. For this reason, you should strictly stay away from low-calorie diets. Try not to aim for more than 4 to 5 kg of weight loss per month. Especially for the first month!

Some examples of things that lead to rapid weight loss are as follows:

  • Very low calorie diets
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Little sleep and rest
  • Diets that eliminate or drastically reduce carbohydrates

Calculate the calories you need

As we said in the article on weight loss for women, the most important factor for weight loss is getting enough calories. That is, unless you are consuming fewer calories than you need, you will not be able to see sustained and significant weight loss. The number of calories you need to lose weight depends on several factors. Weight, height, age, activity level, etc. affect the amount of calories you need to lose weight. So, if you want to experience a safe and appropriate weight loss, you must act according to your physical condition. This is the main reason why low-calorie diets are inappropriate. Because those diets are not suitable for your condition!

You can use several methods to calculate calories according to your conditions. There are various applications and sites for this. Based on our experience, we have developed an accurate calorie calculator that you can use to calculate your calorie needs.

We emphasize again that you should not be in a hurry to lose weight in order to avoid side effects. So get exactly the same amount of calories suggested by the calorie calculator through your diet. So don’t reduce or increase it too much.

Do not eliminate carbohydrates

Many people try to eliminate or drastically reduce carbohydrates to get quick results. This is completely wrong. Carbohydrates are a convenient source of energy for our bodies. By eliminating this group of foods, you may cause a series of problems in your body.

The first problem caused by elimination or drastic reduction of carbohydrates is lethargy during the day. As we said, carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy for the body, and by eliminating them, you increase the possibility of lethargy and decreased energy throughout the day.

The second possible problem is a decrease in metabolism. Probably, as a result of eliminating carbohydrates, your body will reduce metabolism. In this situation, your fat burning will probably stop.

Therefore, do not eliminate sources rich in carbohydrates such as beans, grains and fruits. In addition to vitamins and minerals, these foods also help to increase your energy.

Instead of eliminating or drastically reducing carbohydrates, use healthy sources of carbohydrates and eliminate or drastically reduce foods such as sweets and cakes from your diet. It is better to use whole grains or legumes along with vegetables to provide the required carbohydrates.

Choose safe sports

Choosing type of sports depends on many factors. The amount of excess weight, the athlete’s fitness level, motivation, etc. are among the important factors for choosing type of sport. People who are overweight are more prone to knee pain or back pain than others. For these people, high-risk or intense exercises should not be used in any way.

For example, jumping exercises such as jump squat or jump lunges are high-risk and intense exercises that you should not use. Jumping jack and high knees are also not recommended for many extreme obese people.

What exercises are better for extreme obesity?

As we said, you should not do risky and intense exercises until you lose weight. If you want to lose weight in a safe way, it is better to do high safety exercises that strengthen your muscles and increase calorie burning. Resistance training is the best option for you. Bodyweight training, weight training, TRX, etc. are among your options for exercising.

This group of high safety exercises will strengthen your muscles and increase your metabolism. These things lead to proper weight loss. On the other hand, they greatly reduce the possibility of knee pain and back pain.

Strengthen core muscles

It can be said that the core muscles are among the most important muscles in the body. If these muscles are not strong enough, they increase the possibility of back pain or even knee pain. It may affect your body posture and cause problems such as lordosis and kyphosis. Be sure to use safe exercises to strengthen core muscles in your training programs.

20minute fat burning workout for beginners

As we said, you should use safe and appropriate exercises to lose weight. Exercises that have low risk and can strengthen your body muscles well and on the other hand lead to fat loss. In the 20minute fat burning workout routine for beginners, we considered all these things that you can use for free to reduce fat.

Try to follow all the principles mentioned in this training routine carefully to see much better results.

Do some cardio

Cardio exercises are very suitable for you. These exercises increase calorie burning and metabolism, and on the other hand, lead to a lot of fat burning. They increase blood circulation and make you feel better. Of course, not every type of cardio exercise is suitable for you.

In the article “the best cardio exercises for weight loss“, we have presented several examples of these exercises, but for those of you who are overweight, cycling and dancing can be the best options. When you lose weight, your body is more prepared and your muscles are strengthened, you can use other cardio exercises for more results.

Eat one cheat meal a week

Cheat Meal has two main benefits.

The first benefit is related to metabolism. As we said in the article “Is Cheat Meal Necessary for Weight loss“, there is a high possibility of a decrease in metabolism due to dieting. One of the solutions to prevent the reduction of metabolism is to increase calorie intake for one day a week. You can increase your calorie intake by eating a cheat meal in your diet once a week. Of course, be careful not to overeat in this meal. Because you might lose all your efforts.

The second benefit of cheat meal is to increase motivation. You probably have a lot of interest in high-calorie and sweet foods. If you try to eliminate these foods at once, you will probably fail. You can use these foods in a completely controlled way in cheat meal.




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