20minute fat burning workout(no equipment, Advanced)

20minute fat burning workout(no equipment, Advanced)

One of the goals of this training routine is to apply maximum pressure in a short period of time. This whole workout routine consists of advanced exercises and will take you a maximum of 30 minutes. The key to fat burning in this workout routine is training to failure.. In the following, we will provide more explanations about the details of this workout routine.

When can we use this 20minute fat burning workout?

You can do this training program independently or after weight training sessions. One of the benefits of this training program is the combination of cardio and resistance movements. For this reason, it can lead to fat burning. If you want to do this workout routine after your weight training sessions, you should consider the duration for a maximum of 20 minutes. But if you want to use this program independently, you can perform this routine for 30 minutes.

How to perform this advanced 20min fat burning workout?

Spend the first 5 to 10 minutes of the workout warming up. Then perform the first exercise for 30 seconds. After that, rest for 30 seconds and do the next exercise in the same way. After performing all the exercises, rest for 1-2 minutes, then repeat the whole routine again. The number of repetitions of this training program depends on your physical fitness. You can do 3 to 6 rounds of this workout.

How to warm up?

Even if you have a lot of training experiences, you should warm up your body well. A proper warm-up can prevent injury and even help you have more energy during your workout. To warm up properly, you should first increase your heart rate with simple movements such as brisk walking or jogging.
In the next step, you should prepare your muscles and joints for intensive training with a series of simple exercises such as squats or dynamic stretching movements. The total warm up time can be between 5 and 10 minutes.

A very important point

If you are not physically prepared, do not use this training program. As we said at the beginning of this program, this training program is specific to the advanced level. If you are a beginner or have less than 2 months of training experience, it is better to use intermediate or beginner 20Min fat burning workout.
If you do not pay attention to this point, the possibility of injury or overtraining increases. So, it is better to slowly accustom your body to high-intensity exercises so that no problem occurs.

How to perform this workout routine?

In the following, we will discuss the details of the exercises and training routine.


One of the best cardio exercises is the burpee. This exercise is very intense and in addition to using all the muscles of the body, it can help burn fat a lot. If you have a high fitness level, you can add push-up to this exercise to increase the intensity.

Mountain climber

Mountain climber exercise is very useful for both upper body and core muscles. While performing this exercise, you must keep your whole body in a straight line to avoid injury. You can start the work by directing the legs slowly and with concentration towards the abs, and after increasing physical fitness, increase the speed of execution.

Jumping squat

Another high-intensity exercise in this workout routine is jumping squat. This exercise is not suitable for those with knee pain or back pain, and it is better to use the squat itself or other safer exercises. By increasing jump height, you can increase the intensity and fat burning. Be sure to use the right shoes to perform this exercise.


Planks are great for strengthening core muscles. One of the important points in this exercise is that your whole body should be in a straight line. Voluntarily engage your abdominal muscles while performing plank. Do not hold your breath in this exercise and breathe slowly.

Jumping lunges

Like jumping squat, jumping lunges are prohibited for those who have knee pain or back pain. Be sure to wear appropriate shoes while performing this movement and make sure that your joints and muscles are fully prepared to perform this movement.

Train to failure and increase the intensity

The main secret to burning fat in this training routine is to train to failure. You should be able to force your muscles and body to progress in this short period of time. In this situation, you will experience better fat burning. So, if the number of sets and duration of each exercise are low for you, be sure to increase the duration of performance or the number of sets until you reach complete failure.
It is better to increase the number of rounds once or twice after 2 weeks. For example, if you do 4 rounds of this workout routine in the first two weeks, increase the number of rounds to 6 in the next 2 weeks.

You need recovery

Don’t forget proper recovery. If you always train to failure, probability of overtraining or injury increase. We all need recovery. So it is better to reduce the intensity of training after a month of high intensity training so that your body can rest a little.

Don’t forget to follow a calorie deficit diet

One of the points that people usually do not pay attention to is diet. You can force your body to change with intense training, but if you don’t watch your diet, you won’t see a significant change. One of the important tips for diet is calorie intake. If you want to lose weight, you need to get the right amount of calories to lose weight. You can get enough information related to weight loss by using the article “How to lose weight fast“.




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